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STG Package STG Package

STG Package includes the design, supply of turbine generator unit, and the supervision for erection and commissioning.

Steam Turbine

Runh Power provides all types of steam turbines ranging from 500kW to 1,000MW. The steam turbines are widely used for pure power generation, cogeneration, waste heat recovery, differential pressure power generation, waste-to-energy, biomass power generation, etc. Dozens of units have been exported to Asian and African countries.

■ Cogeneration steam turbine generates both heat and electric power—— mainly used for city central heating and self-supply power plant of various industries.

■ Industrial driving steam turbine——mainly used for variable-speed facilities, such as driving compressor, blast fan and feed water pump, etc.

■ Steam turbine for low-temperature waste heat power generation——mainly using the waste heat and/or exhaust gas of cement plant.

■ Steam turbine for biomass power generation—— mainly using straws and urban garbage.

■ Low-grade heat recovery steam turbine——a typical product for recycling economy and energy saving and emission reduction, mainly using waste heat for power generation in industries such as cement, metallurgy, chemistry, and glass, etc.

■ Condensing steam turbine——mainly for small and medium-size power plants and self-supply power plants in coal mines, and industries including cement, metallurgy, chemistry, etc.

■ Air-cooled steam turbine——mainly for small and medium-size cogeneration power plants in water-deficient area.

■ Geothermal steam turbine—— mainly for geothermal power generation in areas rich in geothermal resources.

■ Combined cycle steam turbine—— mainly used in gas-steam combined cycle field.


Our generators are widely used in the area of pure power generation, cogeneration, waste heat recovery, differential pressure power generation, waste-to-energy, and biomass power generation, etc.

We can supply all voltage classes brushless excitation generators, static excitation generators, and coaxial DC excitation generators. All our generators adopt the state-of-the-art technology of Alstom which can fully satisfy the needs and requirements of clients. In order to guarantee the quality of generators, we have done the overall performance test in the large-scale generator laboratory for every generator according to the quality standards required.

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